Judge seeks death penalty for Beirut road rage killer

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Death Penalty

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A Lebanon magistrate Thursday recommended the death penalty for Tarek Yateem, who was arrested in July after stabbing to death George al-Reef in a Beirut road rage incident.

Beirut Investigative Judge George Rizk charged Yateem with first-degree murder after the July 15 knife assault that left Reef lying unconscious in a pool of his own blood in a street in Achrafieh. He died two days later.

The deadly stabbing in broad daylight, witnessed by dozens of passive bystanders, had shocked the public. The killing was sparked following a feud over a car collision.

Rizk also sought a two-year prison term for Lina Haidar who was charged with hiding Yateem to prevent his arrest.

Haidar was traveling with Yateem during the incident.

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