Press conference: Women Behind Bars - Arbitrary Detention And Torture


Join the press Press conference - Report Launching!

The Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH) is honored to invite you to the launching of its new report entitled:

Women Behind Bars - Arbitrary Detention and Torture, a report published with the support of the Netherlands embassy in Beirut.

Date and time: April 16, 2015 - 11 am
Place: CLDH office in Dora, beside St Joseph Hopsital, facing St joseph Pharmacy, Bakhos bldg 7th floor, tel: 01240023

CLDH found that 52% of women arrested in Lebanon in 2013 and 2014 were severely tortured by the security forces during investigations.

Beatings, deprivation and suspensions - humiliation, threats and insults - violations of privacy by male investigators or guards; these are the main methods of torture and ill-treatment suffered by the majority of women interviewed by CLDH and documented in this report.

The provisions of article 47 of the Criminal Procedure Code are insufficient to protect people in custody from torture, especially because the defendant can not speak confidentially with a lawyer, and therefore possibly denounce torture. Moreover, the duration of custody can be exceeded by the police without any judiciary intervention.

Investigative judges have continued during the studied period to endorse confessions extracted under torture, without canceling them or ordering investigations into the allegations.

Women also continued to suffer prolonged pretrial detention in the prisons or illegal detention and torture at the hands of General Security in violation of Lebanese law and Lebanon's international commitments.

Since 2009, CLDH permanently monitors the practice of torture in all Lebanese prisons, based on interviews of random samples of people arrested by different services during specific periods, on individuals’ testimonies, and on information of other national and international organizations and the United Nations.

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