Activities Report 2016

Thu 07-Dec-2017 |  English

Legal Aid to Vulnerable Individuals in Lebanon

Tue 28-Feb-2017 |  English


CLDH Shadow report to the CAT

Thu 15-Dec-2016 |  English

Legal Challenges faced by Refugees from Syria

Mon 31-Oct-2016 |  English

Victims of Torture from Syria - Staying in Lebanon and Suffering Repeated Traumatising Experiences

Thu 20-Oct-2016 |  Arabic English

Activities report 2015

Sun 31-Jul-2016 |  Arabic English


Civil and Political Rights 2014 - Lebanon

Fri 20-Nov-2015 |  French English

Promote a culture of human rights - E-booklet

Fri 20-Nov-2015 |  English

Activities Report 2014

Sun 18-Oct-2015 |  English

Legal Assistance in Lebanon in 2015 (January - June) - Facts and Challenges (PPT)

Thu 23-Jul-2015 |  English

Women Behind Bars - Arbitrary Detention and Torture of Women in Lebanon

Thu 16-Apr-2015 |  Arabic French English


Legal Aid in Lebanon

Mon 13-Oct-2014 |  Arabic English

Stateless Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Wed 01-Oct-2014 |  English

Conclusions and Recommendations of the National Conference for the Rights of the Refugees from Syria

Fri 21-Mar-2014 |  French Arabic English

Activities Report 2013

Wed 01-Jan-2014 |  English


Syrian Workers in Lebanon - An Assessment of their Rights and Reality

Wed 18-Dec-2013 |  French Arabic English

Civil and Political Rights in Lebanon in 2012

Thu 25-Jul-2013 |  French Arabic English

Torture, due process violations and unfair trial in the case of Faysal Moqalled

Wed 26-Jun-2013 |  French English

Arbitrary Detention and Torture in Lebanon

Wed 26-Jun-2013 |  French Arabic English

Activities Report 2012

Tue 01-Jan-2013 |  English


From Darkness to Light - Testimonials of Beneficiaries

Tue 26-Jun-2012 |  French Arabic English

Activities Report 2011

Sun 01-Jan-2012 |  English English


Activities Report 2010

Sat 01-Jan-2011 |  English


Prisons in Lebanon: Humanitarian & Legal Concerns

Wed 24-Feb-2010 |  French English

Activities Report 2009

Fri 01-Jan-2010 |  English


Hariri Investigation: The Truth Jeopardized?

Tue 24-Feb-2009 |  French English


Enforced Disappearances and Incommunicado Detentions

Thu 21-Feb-2008 |  French English

Civil and Political Rights in Lebanon in 2007

Tue 01-Jan-2008 |  French


Youssef Chaabane: The Forgotten of Justice

Wed 20-Jun-2007 |  French


The Ministry of Defense detention center: a major obstacle to the prevention of torture.

Thu 05-Oct-2006 |  French


Death Penalty in Lebanon

Thu 26-Feb-2004 |  French


Georges Ayoub Chalaweet: although officially “considered missing” in Lebanon since 1994, Syria just

Tue 04-Feb-2003 |  French


Lebanese detainees in Syria, the killing silence

Fri 15-Jun-2001 |  French

FIDH/Solida international fact-finding mission - Lebanon: the continuous wait for the families of de

Thu 18-Jan-2001 |  French


Arbitrary Detention, bad treatments and torture in the basement of the Ministry of Defense

Sat 15-Nov-1997 |  French

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